Inken März

Henning März

If Queens of the Stone Age, The Kills, and the White Stripes had a baby together, it would be called Doesn’t Rhyme With King.


The siblings are among the most groovy, shameless and innovative alternative bands I have ever heard. Their live performance is gloomy, energetic and you have to have seen them live to be able to tell.


Their alternative rock with countless stoner borrowings transported the audience into another world. One might describe the mood of the songs by the two full-blooded musicians as gloomy, but heavenly beautiful. Solely with a guitar and a drum set, the young musicians create a sound structure beyond what you expect.

Schwarwälder Bote (newspaper in Southern Germany)

The sound those two conjure up on stage is incredible. Terrific band and two wonderful persons.


Doesn’t Rhyme With King is not just new, but different, i.e. awesome.


If I could pack Inken’s voice and Henning’s smooth sexiness into my body, I’d be the gloomy twin of Justin Timberlake.


When I hear Inken’s voice it’s like an angel’s pussy dancing on my tounge.


Drummer Henning Maerz provided a solid backbone, rolling out some complicated drum patterns with expert precision, allowing lead vocalist and guitarist Inken Maerz to build up some great discordant grunge guitar licks whilst simultaneously soothing the audience with her powerful, ethereal vocal delivery, somewhat reminiscent of Florence Welch.

Slap Magazine

You’re my new favourite Band!


I promise that I will download your album legally!


Inken’s got such a great voice, it even reaches down into my panties.